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The Lies that Blind is a social enterprise dedicated to Christian apologetics and bible study by providing intellectual responses to lies and objections that stand in opposition to the truth about God. Our aim is to bring the truth to the public, one objection/lie at a time, so that people can make informed choices about Christianity armed with accurate information.

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Existence of God

The debate over the existence of God is centuries old and continues to be a subject of debate and discussion.

Attributes of God

Attributes of God are qualities, characteristics, and traits that describe who God is. These attributes are used to describe God's nature, power, and character.

Biblical Inerrancy

Biblical Inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is without error in truth in its original manuscripts.

Problem Of Evil

The Problem of Evil is a philosophical problem that attempts to explain why a benevolent and omnipotent God would allow evil and suffering in the world. 

Divinity of Christ

The Divinity of Christ is a central belief of Christianity, teaching that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God and truly God in one person.

Science and Faith

Science and faith have been debated for centuries. Some argue they are incompatible, but others say they can coexist.

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Responding to Common Objections to the Faith

Some common apologetics questions and their speedy answers. In the wake of rising objections to Christianity, Our mission is to provide resources and support to equip believers to defend their faith in a reasoned and logical manner, to equip believers with the knowledge they need to make an impact in their community

The question as to God’s origin carries with it a false understanding of matters existence and being and what it takes to bring something into existence. I answer that, possession of the power of existence is the sole requisite to bring anything into existence, as is evident in the clear inability of all of nature and physical things to bring anything at all into existence. Since it is clear that something exists now undeniably then someone else must possess the power of existence and therefore eternal. God as the creator has to be self existing and eternal and one therefore cannot ask where He came from.

Simply put, the evidence of Gods existence is in His creation. All of creation contains the hallmarks of an intelligent mind, be it purpose or intentionality, be it specificity, be it order, be it precision, all of which are clearly the act of an intelligent creator.

All who ask this question have limited the scope of Jesus’ claim to divinity to only one statement where He would directly say that He is God and if they don’t see that, they conclude that Jesus never claimed to be God. But if the same Jesus were to say as He did in John 17:5 ”And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was” how else could a man share in Gods glory before the world was if He is just a man as they say. Jesus has to be divine for Him to be before the world was.

Absolutely yes. For how else would biblical writers who lived across different geographical locations and different historical periods and who never met each other, all seem to be talking about a man who was to come in the distant future and all their different prophesies about this man are actually fulfilled in their exact manner and likeness if not through a divine help.

Absolutely not. For no man in their right thinking mind would lie about a historical event and be willing to suffer and die as the apostles did for that which they know all to well to be a lie and if especially they have nothing to gain out of the lie.

Contrary to a commonly held opinion that Christianity came into Africa on the back of slave ships, history indicates that the whole of north Africa was predominantly Christian before the Arab invasion in 625 AD while the scramble for Africa began in the 19th century. African colonization had nothing to do with the arrival of Christianity into Africa.

This question is first a question of reasoning before it becomes a question of science because science is not exempt from critical thinking. With that being said, it is self evident that life cannot come from non-life and though we participate in life we cannot give life but only act as means or instruments through which life comes into this world, therefore the cause of life must not only have life in Himself but also have the ability to give life. That shows that such arguments as abiogenesis and evolution are counter intuitive and cannot pass the test of reason.

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