The Lies that Blind is a social enterprise that is devoted to Christian apologetics and bible study by providing intellectual responses to lies and objections that stand in opposition to the truth about God and Christianity. We are dedicated to presenting the truth to the public, one lie or objection or question at a time, so that people can make informed choices with the accurate information they need.

Our mission is to bring the truth to the public, as we believe that everyone deserves to be informed with the correct information. We strive to create a platform where people can make informed decisions and understand the truth about God and Christianity. In the wake of the ever increasing hostility to Christianity and misinformation being spread as alternatives to God and Christianity, we believe that everyone therefore should be equipped not only with the truth but also with critical thinking skills in logic and the theology of God.


It is unfortunate that some may reject Christianity based on misinformation and partial truths. We are committed to upholding the truth of God and refuting any falsehoods or objections against Christianity.

Our scope

Our work is divided into main topic areas consisting the existence of God, the attributes of God, Biblical inerrancy and infallibility, the divinity of Christ and finally science and faith. These are the main categories and the areas most controversial therefore it is necessary that they be our main area of focus.

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