The fallen condition of man

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Why so much evil in the world and where did it come from. No scientific or philosophical explanation has even come close to providing a sufficient response or solution. No amount of trying to ignore it makes it go away. No amount of modernization and civilization eradicates its reality.


No amount of human religion and good works advocacy make any meaningful difference. Not even education has made a significant difference. Whatever it is we try to do only provides a superficial solution to the problem. Like a doctor diagnosing and treating the symptoms instead of the underlying condition, all human efforts that attempt to address the problem of sin in this world have produced zero fruits including every psychological attempts and solutions offered.


Is there any faculty that properly defines the problem of sin and its effects and is there any that provides a solution. We find no other apart from scripture and therefore this study undertakes to look at the problem of sin from the view point of scripture.

Original sin

Its meaning and origin
8 mins

The human condition has been shaped so much by the fall of sin. Life is full of suffering, and sin is at its root.

So much that it begets serious questions that cannot be disregarded. Examining humanity's collective and individual sinfulness and its effects on our lives as described in scripture and especially in relation primarily to our relationship with God is a necessity not just for every Christian but for every man. Exploring its origin, its impact, its varied interpretations by humans as to its origin and treatment, its effect on our response and understanding of the gospel is the core and singular purpose of this study.

Its transmission
4 mins

Since the time of Adam, original sin has been passed down to all humans, a consequence of Adam's failure to obey God's command. As a result, all humans are born with the stain of original sin, and have lived with its effects and consequences ever since. But humanity has struggled to come to terms with exactly how God would hold us accountable for sins committed by our first parents before we were born. This study unpacks the mystery.

Its effects
5 mins

The Fallen human condition in sin has had a devastating effect across humanity, leading to a spiritual separation from God and an inability to live in harmony with Him. As a result, people experience guilt, shame, fear, and broken relationships. This has led to a deep sense of alienation and a sense of hopelessness and despair. It has also caused people to be self-centered, selfish, and even hostile toward one another. Ultimately, the effects of the Fallen human condition in sin have left humanity in a state of spiritual and emotional brokenness.

Section Questions
6 questions

Freedom and bondage of the will

Freedom of the will
13 mins

Having looked at the corruption of sin upon our nature and how fallen we are because of it we shall now look at our capacity to choose and our bondage to sin that arises out of our fallen nature. The only way to fully understand how enslaved to sin we were is to understand first how exactly free we are. That sounds like a contradiction in terms. How can a man be free and a slave at the same time?

Bondage of the will
8 mins

The Fall of Man into sin necessitates an exploration of the theological concept of the bondage of the will in sin. This inquiry will seek to answer questions such as: Is man enslaved to sin? Can he make free and rational decisions? And if so, how is he still in bondage to sin?

Human responsibility in sin
6 mins

This study will explore the relationship between man and sin, examining questions such as: where does human responsibility begin and end when a person is in bondage to sin? Is a person discharged by God from their moral debt due to their inability to pay?

Section questions
2 questions

Helpless In Sin

God's moral perfection
7 mins

God's high moral perfection is a fundamental concept in the Christian faith, as it is believed that God is the ultimate source of goodness and righteousness. God's moral perfection is evidenced in his perfect love, justice, and mercy. He is a just and loving God who is willing to forgive and provide grace to those who seek it. He is also a God of truth and righteousness who will not compromise his standards of moral excellence. The ensuing question is how can the fallen man live up to such a high standard that God requires of him?

Our response to the gospel
13 mins

This study will explore the man's response to the gospel while in a state of sin and trespasses. It will consider whether he can understand why he needs to be saved and why Jesus would die for him, as well as if he is able to accept the gospel despite his sinful state. Additionally, this study will assess the man's attitude towards the gospel, and how the effects of sin may impact his attitude.

Section Questions
8 questions
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